How It Started.

At Her Table first launched in March 8-14, 2021, amidst the pandemic, and in a matter of 3 weeks over 35 women-owned and co-owned restaurants came together to create a 7-day food festival. It was the first women’s restaurant week ever in San Luis Obispo County and it inspired and empowered the entire community.

Behind every idea is the seed.

The concept of At Her Table came from a discussion between Dina Samson of Regarding Her / Rossoblu in Los Angeles. Founder Michelle Barrera of EnjoySLO recalls,

“I was looking to make a luxury to-go box during the pandemic. I had seen it done in LA and the Bay area and I was looking to create that for SLO County. I emailed restaurants in both areas to ask for support and learn how to create one for myself. Everyone ignored my messages but one woman messaged me back.

Dina’s message caught me by surprise. She not only told me where to get the items, she offered the VIN numbers, and her restaurant menu so I could print and edit it to my needs. I knew this woman was special. I didn’t want to miss a chance to get to know her so I asked her if she would talk to me for 15 minutes just so we had a chance to connect.

On our phone call we shared with each other about our backgrounds. She had seen my work with and mentioned she was part of something called Regarding Her and she thought it could be recreated in SLO. She asked me, “How many women restaurants are in the area?” I told her, “I really don’t know, but I can make a list and find out!” I originally felt skeptical that there weren’t going to be enough participants to make this happen.

I went home and started writing down all the women restaurant owners I knew and the list grew and grew. I wondered how many people had the same initial thought I did and it was clear to me we needed to create a similar movement in our county. The rest is history!”

At Her Table returns to SLO County March 6-13, 2022. Save the date in your calendars so you can support these wonderful women.

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7-day county-wide event featuring inspired menu items, virtual classes, discussions with female industry leaders, and more.

March 6 – 12, 2023


Our mission is to bring awareness to women-owned and co-owned businesses in the food and beverage industry on the central coast. We are committed to creating a space of celebration, education, diversity, and inclusivity within our community.