At Her Table is committed to elevating awareness, support, and connection among entrepreneurs in the food, beverage, and lodging industry along the central coast. Our mission embraces the celebration of diverse achievements, with a special focus on highlighting women’s contributions during Women’s History Month, and throughout the year.

We strive to create spaces of celebration and empowerment that are open and welcoming to all, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, or background. Our events, educational discussions, and community connections are grounded in the principles of diversity, equality, and inclusivity.  ‘At Her Table’ is dedicated to creating a community that uplifts every voice and honors the unique contributions of women, alongside all members of our diverse community.


  • Inclusive Countywide Festival Celebrating Women’s History Month

    We host an annual Women’s Week event spanning the county, dedicated to empowering individuals, with a spotlight on women entrepreneurs in the food, beverage, and lodging industry. This event celebrates the achievements and stories of women while welcoming participation from all community members. We aim to create an inclusive environment that highlights women’s contributions and fosters allyship and support across the entire community.

  • Entrepreneurial Elevation: A Multifaceted Learning Journey 

    We offer comprehensive educational programs covering marketing, business management, diversity, and more, led by industry experts and designed to enhance skills, promote inclusivity, and support professional growth for entrepreneurs in the food, beverage, and lodging industry.

  • Connect & Cultivate: Entrepreneurial Networking 

    We host a quarterly series of networking and educational events aimed at fostering community, collaboration, and professional growth among entrepreneurs in the food, beverage, and lodging industry, featuring thematic workshops, business showcases, and multilingual communication to ensure inclusivity and broad participation.


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What is At Her Table?


At Her Table is a dynamic community-focused organization that champions women-owned businesses in the food and beverage industry along the central coast. Our network, consisting of over 300 members across SLO County, is dedicated to showcasing the diverse talents and entrepreneurial spirit of women on the central coast.

Our festival, hosted during Women’s History Month, is inclusive and welcoming to all, and it features an array of activities like specially curated menu items, enlightening classes, and discussions led by industry leaders. These activities are designed to highlight the culinary expertise and business acumen of women while fostering a broader sense of community engagement and learning.

By supporting At Her Table, you’re not just experiencing the rich culinary culture of the central coast; you’re also part of a movement that values diversity, champions equal opportunities, and honors the significant contributions of women in the food and beverage industry.

Membership is FREE and  businesses that participate in our annual festival receive 100% of sales.

At Her Table is completely funded by sponsorships and donations from the community.  We are fiscally sponsored by  Ecologistics, a local 501(c)(3) and we are able to accept tax-deductible donations

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How At Her Table Started.

In 2021, amidst the pandemic, ‘At Her Table’ emerged, sparked by a vibrant discussion between founder Michelle Barrera and Dina Samson of Rossoblu in Los Angeles. Drawing inspiration from Dina’s and her colleagues’ notable contributions at Regarding Her, which significantly influenced the culinary industry in Los Angeles, Michelle envisioned a project resonating with the Central Coast’s distinct charm.

“When I talked to Dina she really inspired me. I knew a similar movement should be created here. The impact that Re:Her had on the Los Angeles community was astounding. The women felt so proud to participate and it gave them another outlet for their voices to be heard.”

The following week Michelle began reaching out to local women-owned eateries to invite them to inspire and empower the community with their passion for food and their voices — the response was extremely positive and the idea took off. “There was an overwhelming sense of ‘Yes!’ amongst the women. You could feel it,” says Kristin Casillas, Co-Owner of Orale Taqueria.

Over the past three years, ‘At Her Table’ has dynamically grown, playing a pivotal role in supporting and celebrating women in the hospitality industry. The organization expanded from an inaugural festival featuring 36 food specials and online events, to a robust network of over 300 members across food, beverage, and lodging sectors by 2023. Each year, especially during Women’s History Month, ‘At Her Table’ significantly boosts sales for participating businesses, forges new connections among industry professionals, and raises awareness about the contributions of women entrepreneurs on the central coast.

By 2024, the festival, will extend its length to 10 days, with plans of expansion into Santa Barbara County. This growth is a testament to ‘At Her Table’s dedication to empowering women entrepreneurs and creating a lasting impact in the hospitality industry.

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10-day county-wide event featuring inspired menu items, virtual classes, discussions with female industry leaders, and more.

March 1 – 10, 2024


Our mission is to bring awareness to women-owned and co-owned businesses in the food and beverage industry on the central coast. We are committed to creating a space of celebration, education, diversity, and inclusivity within our community.