At Her Table Street Festival

Food & DrinkAt Her Table Street Festival

At Her Table Street Festival


Get ready for a fun-filled day at Entrada Ave, Atascadero! We’re excited to invite you to our street fair featuring over 50 vendors. Enjoy a variety of delicious foods, refreshing drinks, and live music while you shop and explore. No tickets needed – just come and join the fun! This is a FREE event!


Sunday, March 10 at 11a to 5p


Downtown Atascadero
Entrada Ave


FREE / No reservations or tickets needed, click below to RSVP today :

Honey Bee SLO

Vanessa Higgins is a Brazilian immigrant who has lived in SLO since 2019. Honey Bee was founded to bring the unique flavors of Brazilian sweets to the Central Coast of California.

The Dough Connection

We specialize in safe to eat cookie dough desserts and other fun nostalgic desserts with a twist.

#adogslife Collar Scarves and More

I’m Nikki, the sole owner and designer for #adogslife Collar Scarves and More, handmade pet accessories to pamper your fur friends & family sewn 100% in my home workshop.

A-Town Humble Pies

Homemade pie slices and baked goods sold at local Farmer’s Markets in SLO County.We are considered seasonal bakers as we try to create pies with seasonal fruits and vegetables from local farmers.

Hutton Vintage

A curated vintage collection based on the Central Coast of California

Scoop The Magic

Scoop the Magic is THE artisan, non-dairy Ice Cream here on the Central Coast of California! Creamy texture and incredible flavors – like any traditional ice cream or gelato. The so-called non-dairy frozen dessert is locally made in Paso Robles, CA! Woman-owned and operated, handcrafted in small batches, every scoop is organic and 100% plant-based, as well as refined sugar-free, and free of any artificial colors or flavors.

Peaceful Plants

Peaceful Plants specializes bringing peace into your life through easier-to-care-for houseplants, succulents and cacti.

Damsel in Defense

Stun guns, pepper spray, security on the go!

Hambly Farms

Hambly Lavender Farm crafts handmade all natural products from estate grown lavender in SLO County. We distill our essential oils and hand craft our products on our farm in San Miguel, that will open to the public in May!

Taddo’s Tallow

Our tallow rich skincare lotions and lip balms naturally nourish and support sensitive skin and can aid in relieving conditions like eczema or psoriasis. Taddo’s Tallow is perfect for anyone looking for natural solutions to eczema and other skin ailments instead of store bought or prescription steroid creams.

Infinity Metals SLO

Infinity Metals SLO makes sustainable, size-inclusive, custom-fit and custom-designed with clasp and clasp-less permanent jewelry. From the finest sterling silver to solid 14 karat gold, Lyndi carries a thoughtfully selected collection of jewelry to create beautiful bracelets, necklaces, or whatever someone wants to add a touch of timeless chic to.

Hidden Gem Candle

Hidden Gem Candle Co. stands out not only for its unique candle collection but also for its commitment to a diverse array of handcrafted and eco-conscious products. With a focus on repurposing, sustainability, and artistry, the brand invites customers to indulge in a curated selection that goes beyond mere candles, adding a touch of warmth, positivity, and style to their homes.

Woven Handmade

Woven is a woman owned business based on identity – handmade and crafted with purpose, intention, and care (Psalm 139:13-16) In my shop you’ll find clay earrings, macrame items, and knit beanies! All made on the Central Coast of CA.

Peachy Pairs

Peachy Pairs are always handmade out of clay; thoughtfully curated and exploring modern designs while evoking playfulness AND confidence.

I strive for comfort and wearability in each of my designs, by using polymer clay, and high quality metal, this duo is unmatched on your ears! 

Corona Family Farms

Our specialties are Strawberries, Chili Peppers, Squash and Broccoli, with a seasonal manifest of mixed fruits and vegetables. We are a family based business in the Santa Maria Valley, growing produce on a year round basis.

Olive to Ranch

Our mission is to produce the finest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We collaborate exclusively with local companies and maintain the strictest respect for local environments. Nature determines the flavor, we define its complexity.

Sugar & Spoon

Sugar + Spoon is a handmade caramel company, which was inspired by my Great-Grandma Edith’s small batch, handmade caramel recipe from the 1930’s. We have been making these caramels in my family to give as gifts for the holidays ever since, her caramels are a part of every Christmas childhood memory I have.

Villa Creek Farm

I like to say I was “Raised Free Range and Still Playing in the Dirt”! Villa Creek Farm is a small, woman owned market garden. Located in a lovely little microclimate north of Cayucos, California I am able to grow a variety of specialty fruits and veggies but also focus on the needs of home canners. Carrie’s pepper products are a result of a bumper pepper crop and the rest, as they say, is herstory!

SLO Meltdown

SLO County Pop-Up Shop Serving Ooey Gooey Goodness. Melted raclette cheese sandwiches that will blow your mind. Featured on The Kitchen on the Food Network! Serving up the cheesiest Central Coast Cheesesteak, Meatball, Salami, Mushroom, and Cheese Sandwiches.

45 Degree

I specialize in handcrafted custom wood inlay designs. I create custom pieces from wall art to tables and everything in between. I have a passion for building and love for music and dancing. So naturally I listen to music and dance while I build. I name my art pieces after songs that I am inspired by while I create my designs.

Amandalee Design

These line of products highlight iconic landmarks through illustration and written facts. It’s a beautiful monochromatic marriage of history and art which will compliment just about any wall.

Bellaliana Essentials

Bellaliana Essentials is more than just a brand to me; its names after my two beautiful daughters that inapire me daily!! It’s about nurturing our bodies and souls with the purest and most natural ingredients, allowing us to experience true radiance from within. So I’ve created these beautiful wellness gift boxes that are made with essential oils and non toxic ingredients to support your health and wellness.

Beryl Jewelry Design

Beryl JewelryDesign (fka sweetBella Jewelry) is a gem forward, handmade jewelry line designed and created by Cindy Sassaman.

Melissa Rae Designs

I am an interior designer who loves to repurpose and use vintage items. I have tons of vintage to sell. I hope that there might be room for me at your event.

Crafted Customs

Custom screen printed merchandise as well as direct to fabric merchandise.

Desert Vibes

Desert Vibes sells a variety of individual succulents and cactus along with succulent arrangements.

Dough Girl Cookies

Sugar cookie queen creating sweets made with love!

Earthly Achives

pressed flower/plant art: glass jars, bottles, wall hangings, magnets, journals, cards, ring catchers/bowls, stickers. a small collection of vintage/secondhand clothing with an emphasis on larger more inclusive sizes, vintage cameras and vinyl records.

Endless Designs by Tobin

I fell in love with ceramics during high school and started my small ceramics business last summer. I enjoy creating functional pieces with detailed and intricate designs. I love the idea of creating custom orders and being able to share my passion and bring new ideas to life.

Fungi & Fronds

Fungi and Fronds Ceramics Co was created by Ellerie Nagy in San Luis Obispo California. Her ceramics are influenced by nature, plants, animals, and the mycelial universe. A love of plants and plant medicine bloomed when she became a Western herbalist as a Naturopathic doctor and an Eastern herbalist as an Acupuncturist and Chinese medicine practitioner. She works at her private practice SLO Naturopathic and Acupuncture. While attending Calpoly, Ellerie worked at the Craft Center teaching jewelry metal smithing and casting. There she started playing in the adjacent clay studio and she never stopped!

Georgia Moon Creative

Rochelle is a full-time social worker and creative who discovered her love for dyeing fabrics during the pandemic. Rochelle uses mainly ice-dye and Shibori style techniques.

Gold Intentions

Jenny Santos brings over a decade of experience as a high school art teacher to her unique jewelry business. She dedicated years to teaching young adults to see the world through a new lens, emphasizing the importance of finding meaning in every action and the seemingly mundane. Transitioning from education, Jenny now crafts and sells jewelry that embodies this philosophy

Green Gold Floral

I create dried bouquets and wreaths inspired by the season. I grow or sourced locally my flowers as much as possible.


Choose from a selection of more than 1200 products offered by 80 local vendors to tailor your order and have it conveniently delivered to your doorstep. We have something to fit everyone’s dietary restrictions and budget.

Haute Skillet

Gourmet sandwiches on fresh bread. Local ingredients.

Headparty by Judith Viola

I design haircuts for the individual, with your personal style and nostalgia in mind. I recently relocated back to SLO from LA and opened a private haircutting studio. I am so happy to be bringing what I offer to this community.


I’ve enjoyed baking for most of my life and was inspired by the Food Network Challenges growing up. I officially started hy business in 2020 and now balance working full time with running my bakery. I’m in my favorite role ever as auntie to a niece and three nephews who all LOVE when auntie tries new recipes.

Late Bloomer Art

Inspired by the central coast, I mirror natural beauty with heart and soul. A late bloomer, I started painting in my 50s. My evolving collection serves as a reminder that it’s never too late to start a new chapter.

Loiku Vintage

LOIKU [loy-koo] is vintage clothing & homewares pop-up boutique founded on the Central Coast of California. Owner, Lauren, ideated the name by combining her nickname, “Lo”, with her Japanese grandmother’s nickname “Iku” to celebrate the harmonious blend of generations and womanhood.

My Mama’s Macarons

Handcrafted French Macarons

Pretty Eats

Pretty Eats delivers custom wine inspired treats, to both retail and wholesale channels.


I’ve been a painter for most of my life, and started dabbling in mosaics a few years ago. The more pieces I made, the more ideas I had, and I spent more and more time “ arting”. Eventually, my house was bursting with mosaic pieces, so I decided to share my art with the world, and did my first show at “ At Her Table” Street Festival in 2022! grandmother’s nickname “Iku” to celebrate the harmonious blend of generations and womanhood.

Purely Golden Tans

Born and raised on the beautiful Central Coast, I grew up soaking up the sun whether it be at the beach, in my backyard, or in a tanning bed to achieve a year round glow. I founded my company, Purely Golden Tans, to accommodate the need for a healthy and radiant glow without the health risks of conventional tanning using airbrush tanning. We are all inclusive to every skin type, tone, shape and size. One size doesn’t always fit all and it is my job to help make each one of my clients feel comfortable and leave confident in the skin you’re in giving you the most natural looking sunless glow.


Explore our collection of fabulous women’s accessories, each piece crafted with passion and creativity. Elevate your fashion with sustainable chic at SMuch. We offer an array of luxury Apple Watch bands, hat bands, key fobs, and bracelets. Customize your hat band at our hat band bar, complete with on-site branding.

Tess Davis Jewelry

Tess Davis Jewelry is made to create a sense of empowerment, connection, and protection for its wearer. Each piece of metal thoughtfully sculpted to serve as a unique amulet, marking the life experiences that led to its creation.

Through Eyes of Glass

Stained glass Suncatchers, panels, pressed flower pieces, fused glass home decor.

To Be Honest Bev Co.

Providing an empowering alternative to alcohol for the sober-curious, high-achieving professional who seeks to elevate their well-being and celebrate vibrant living. To Be Honest Bev Co. stands apart by offering a high flavor profile, hemp infused non-alcoholic spirit that captures the essence of class, flavor, and appeal, without the negative impact on mind and body for a boutique experience that is truly unique.

Quinn & Ray Handmade

My name is Julie and I grew up on the central coast in Arroyo Grande. I’ve been making candles for about 20 years as a hobby and turned it into a business in 2020. All candles are made up of 100% Soy wax, always natural with zero toxins. Q + R candles are aesthetically pleasing and perfectly formulated.

Watty & Ollie

Watty and Ollie was created because we were tired of seeing all the good-for-your-pet products at astronomical prices! So, we hit the books and made it our mission to find pet-based products that won’t break the bank, so you can spoil your fur friend with a clear and easy mind. All our vendors are vetted to top standards and sourced with ethics and animals as top priority.

Wicked Lovely Candles

Female empowerment fantasy candles, made with organic, coconut / soy, shimmer wax blends and eco wicks. Topped with flora, fauna & fire glass. Specialty & antique vessels for a unique candle experience. Paired with songs and personal poetry.

Black Market Cheese

A shepherd to chef creamery experience located in Paso Robles. Where sheep, cheese and dreams are made.


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