Our Supporters

Our Supporters

We are so grateful to the following people and organizations that support women in business!

At Her Table is a community project in the Central Coast of California and it couldn’t happen with each and every one of our supporters. The people listed below are some of our first financial supporters, both individuals and companies who see the value in a diverse food and beverage industry.

Personal Donations:

Libbie Agran

Sam Kang

Tony Drier

Kristin Sullivan

Scott Marty

Andrew Northup

Doug Kahn

Kyle Tarczynski

Joseph Cordaro

Jonathan Malott

Andre Degraffinreaidt

Alexia Chuck

Pamela Horton

Robert Sorey

Justin Humphreys

Ameya Klukarni

John Sims

Andrew Northup

Tess Ramirez

Joshua Joung

Yoon Lim

Justin Lewis

Natalya Suttmiller

Michael Egan

Reuvan Weinstein

Aalok Patel

Greg Contu

Peter Vandekrol

Jeff Stettner

Sarah Santana

Heather Malcolm

Christopher Kapzynski

Hannah Lique Naitove

Katie Pfluger

Irene Printzian

Jason Sanders

Matt VonDette

Margie Salame

Gerard Stranch

Paul Battaglia

Joseph Badaro

John Sims

Joe Benson
Businesses and Organizations : 
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7-day county-wide event featuring inspired menu items, virtual classes, discussions amongst female industry leaders, and more.

March 6 – 13, 2022


Our mission is to bring awareness to women-owned and co-owned businesses in the food and beverage industry on the central coast. We are committed to creating a space of celebration, education, diversity, and inclusivity within our community.